Who We Are

Educational support for self-reliance of the Poor Children

AGAPAY is a non profit organization working in Cebu, which has been dedicated to empowering children through quality education to help themselves and contribute to society. We will realize this goal by means of educational support for poor children, support for their parents and community empowerment.



We dream of a world where marginalized children who passionately engage in education, none o whom left behind, share and complete the quality basic education to help themselves and contribute effectively to building the community, nation and the world.



We commit ourselves to promote and defend the Right of Marginalized Children to quality education holistically in collaboration with:

  • Parents: We work with parents in their relationship in view of fulfillment of their parental responsibilities.
  • Teacher/Guidance counselors: We establish dialogue and individual conference with teachers on developmental aspect of children.
  • Community: We build up relationship with the community in promoting safe and nurturing environment.