What We Do

Why Education? Why in the Philippines?

dumpsite in Cebu city

In the Philippines, students have to get 13 years of compulsory education, that is preschool for 1 year, elementary school for 6 years and high school for 6 years. They don’t need to pay tuition, but many children can’t keep studying because they need to work from childhood to help their family or drop out because they can’t afford to pay small expenses for their stationeries or uniforms.

Every child needs to have quality education to get stable jobs and participate in society in the future, but it is very difficult for these children, who don’t even have chances to get compulsory education because of poverty, to escape the cycle of poverty.

We commit ourselves to empowering these underprivileged children to learn and become self-reliant by offering them equality in educational opportunity and giving them moral guidance.

Our Work

Children's activity

Support for children

We help children who want to study but don’t have a chance for getting education because of financial problems to continue studying.

Support for the communities

We help parents to earn their living by starting their small business so that children can go to school without having to worry about financial problem and facilitate improving their life environment.


Where We Work

where we work


We are now working in Cebu City and the vicinity to help children and facilitate community development.

A place we work on is one of the poorest communities in the barangay located away from the urban area. Most of them live humble lives in shabby houses made from waste materials without electric or water supply, helping each other. This area has recently been developed too rapidly.

Above all, we emphasise supporting children in the dump site, where many people earn their living by collecting tin cans or plastics from garbage, because their living condition is very bad and poverty rate is extremely high. But the dump site in Cebu City has already been closed and many families including our scholarship students will be displaced to the other places.