Become a Volunteer

Many children around us need your help. Some wants to go to school instead of working on the street. Some just need someone to play with and give them love and care… Agapay is a grassroots organisation composed of volunteer staff members and we rely on our volunteers. If you are interested in working with people in a community or helping underprivileged children, working in Agapay will give you an opportunity to impact the life of children, while guiding them to a better future.

 What You Can Do To Help Children

Here is a listing of potential opportunities. You can set up new workshops and introduce children or parents to any new ideas if you have some technical knowledge or skills in  particular fields.

  • Teaching/Assisting elementary/high school students at their activities
  • Assisting younger children at day care center
  • Fun activities : Playing games or recreational activities or other sports with children
  • Arts and crafts workshops, Dance workshops, Cooking classes
  • Community Development: Practice English with them, Educate their families about health

Become a Volunteer

Contact us to join our activity.