Visit a student at home

One of our sponsored children lives in a mountainous and remote area in Cebu City. We visited her at home for the first time in several months.

She is a high school student at a small integrated school but her house is very far from school. She needs to walk to school for over an hour and a half each way because there is no road for cars or bikes.

small path
Walking along the small path


Karabau on the hill


top hill
On the top of the hill


Ocean view
We can see the port on our way.


We got her house after walking for almost 2 hours. Because they don’t have electric supply, they usually use kerosine lantern. They also use the solar lantern we gave before with caution.

simple house
They live in a very simple and small house.


solar lantern
A small solar lantern, which we gave them several months ago.


As her father is a farmer, it seems like they have plenty of fruits like coconuts or mangoes. But it’s not easy for her parents to earn enough money to get his children go to school…..

We will continue supporting underprivileged students like her so that they can make their dreams come true despite their difficulty and help their families in the future.


younger brother and sister
Her younger brother and sister