Study Tour Report – 3

We finally arrived!


We were surprised to find there were a complete community around, or,  amid the dumpsite.
As we got closer to the center of the garbage mountain, we walked on the intricate and narrow paths between the houses.



When we looked down under our foot carefully, we found the paths were fully covered with small pieces of garbage.



The surface of the ground was partially squashy or reeking due to rain the other day.
I wonder how they clean them up when they get hit by a typhoon.

They were just holding a meeting at the meeting place about how to deal with their problems. We found at least 50 people there though only women and children were there. I have heard many men have gone to town to work as construction workers and so on.

When I asked them how often they go to town for shopping, they replied that they go only when they have money.

They say aluminum is the most valuable of all the recyclable waste they can pic up.


Even young children like this sort out valuable things from the garbage.


We went to see how the bigger dumpsite away from the village was like,


We saw a long bridge over there, which connects Mactan Island and Cebu Island.
There were vast garbage mountains in front of us.



These bags were filled with plastic sheets of the same brand coffee! They will be recycled.

Once I have heard they can recycle and reuse the recyclable garbage thanks to waste pickers but I was surprised to know how they do great jobs…


This is the end of our study tour!!


Here’s their feedback on this tour. (Japanese)