Study Tour Report – 1

Two Japanese language school students, who joined our study tour the other day, sent us a detailed report. We share it to show you how their visit to the local communities and volunteer works was.



August 31, 2015, we had joined a study tour conducted by AGAPAY, a volunteer organization which supports poor communities in Cebu, the Philippines!



Our guide, Lito (center) is a history teacher in public high school.
His daughter Stella (second from the right) is an English school teacher.
We, U (left) and F(right), were the participants that day.


At first, we departed for a mountainous village by bike taxi called “habal habal”.

habal habal

We two rode on the backseat of the bike taxi and drove on the rough dirt road with many puddles caused by rain the day before. We felt nervous about going into a skid.


displaced people

We’d finally got to the village!

We’ve heard that this village consists of the poor families displaced from down town by city government, where they built their own houses and a community.
But recently, some rich people intend to deprive them of their lands by paying money to the local government. People in this community were talking about how to cope with this matter in their meeting place.


displaced people

We found so many kids and adults around there!
They say around 1,400 people live in this village.


chilren activity

Every Sunday, Lito comes to this village to see and teach children. We acted in place of him, doing a volunteer work that day!


At the very beginning, we enjoyed Japanese gymnastic exercises!

gymnastic exercises
Next, We taught them how to fold origami into boxes. All children were focusing on their work.

Then we offered them some snacks as a reward for their good work. All the children were pleased to get snacks!
When we told them not to eat during our activity, they softly put their boxes with snacks at their feet. Very cute!




Next, we made paper plains.
It seemed difficult for children but all of them had completed their works. We  enjoyed flying our airplanes all at once.


After the joyous time with children, we visited a family in the village and took lunch with them.
They had cooked rice and prepared drinks for us. We brought some prepared food and shared it with the family.

We were very surprised to know 13 family members, including 9 children, live in such a small house with two rooms of around 7 square meters each.


home visitingThis young girl (second from the right) is 15 years old and a high-school student now. She tells us that she wants to continue to study after graduating high school, selling food on the street. Her mother wants her daughter to focus on her study, but she seems to have a strong will to support her family as well as study more….

 To Be Continued..