Study Tour Report – 2

Visit to a Slum Area


We left the village and headed for the next destination by habal habal.
We transferred to a trisikel at high school, where we gathered this morning.

We arrived at a slum area near the river.

slumThey say this area is not safe actually and even local people usually avoid visiting there.
But we didn’t feel a sense of danger. Every person smiled at us when we said hello to  them.

There’s no dike along the river and many houses are built on the bank. We needed to walk through this narrow path.


They need to escape from flood onto the bridge when typhoons attack.


On our way, we saw hanging rice in front of a house and learnt how to weave it.

hanging rice

They made it very quickly but we wondered how much they earn by making it after we found hanging rice is sold for PHP 1.25.00 each on the street.





After we went through the slum, we reached …… a LECHON cookhouse!

Lechon cookhouse – レチョン製造所

What I wanted to say is that I couldn’t help always remembering the movie “Spirited Away”

First of all, I noticed a baby pig, just killed for cooking, as well as one being roasted.  As I was surprised, I found a man beckoning me closer.
I believe I need to know how our food we eat is prepared, so I got closer to him though I could imagine what he was going to show us.

They were just taking out the bowels from a pig. We can see many “FUTURE” lechons lying around it.

Now I remember “Spirited Away” again. There are many living little pigs waiting to be killed around dead ones.

I believe I’m very greedy because lechons on the road looked very delicious to me after seeing how to cook them.


Then, we headed for the dumpsite in the next city.


On our way, we took calessa, a horse carriage.


 To Be Continued..